How to Make a Birthday Promotion in Casino

Points promotions
A casino’s players club rewards its members with points casino Malaysia, which they can then
redeem for freeplay, resort spending, or even free merchandise. Points promotions
can also accelerate the accumulation of points, allowing players to earn them more
rapidly. Points promotions can justify playing on a specific day, especially if the
house edge is low. Theoretically, a high theoretical payback of low house edge
games can make points promotions very attractive.

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Free play
Many real money Internet casinos offer Free Play promotions to attract new players.
This type of bonus is essentially free cash MMC 996 Malaysia casino, which can be used in the casino to play
games. Although some Free Play promotions have strict requirements, it is a great
way to try out a casino without risking your own money. Free Play offers are similar
to traditional online casino bonuses in that you open a new account, but you do not
need to provide your credit card details.

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Gifts for customers’ birthdays
As a bonus, consider giving customers gifts on their birthdays. Instead of sending
virtual gifts, consider giving physical items. Using a stylish box and a greeting card,
a physical gift will be much more appreciated than a virtual one. Size and price are
less important than sentiment. Alternatively, you can consider a tiered loyalty
program and reserve the best goodies for your most frequent customers. This is an
excellent way to make a birthday present stand out among other offers.